TRIAGE is a temporary collaborative project initiated in Ghent by three photographers : Maria Degrève, Lieve D’hondt and Freya Maes, during July 2020. Each one of her has an individual practice, multidisciplinary for Maria Degrève and Lieve D’hondt and photography for Freya Maes, but they know each other for long time and regularly exchange about their experiences within the cultural scene. 

In response to the artistic field paralysis caused by the Covid crisis, they develop an art project in the public space, accessible and visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This is an opportunity to pool images from their individual corpus and create a new universe born from their complementarity.
TRIAGE displays new compositions rearranged from individual pictures shot by Maria, Lieve and Freya. These associations instinctively take shape from formal and pictural connexions. Their format and placement systematically fit the space in which the triptychs take place, with a specific care on the surrounding social and architectural environment. These questions about constant accessibility to artworks and inclusion of all gazes obviously resonate to the missions and intentions of Les Brasseurs Liège.

Text:Les Brasseurs, Liège 2021