Knokke (B)


Childclothes,  Maria Degrève

photo M.Bertels 1993

I put on the colorful knitted children's clothes of the 4-year-old child, I stretch them, I can barely get in, all over each other: yellow shirt, red sweater, pullover, blue pants 1 over green pants 2.

My shoulders are raised. They are our own children's clothes, also from brother and sister.

I myself am the mother of a 3-year-old son. I take my mother's look at school as a 6 year old, this black and white photo of her childhood haunted me. Eyes up, she was later called the sister of Joseph the dreamer


L’amour fou   2001- 2018 

Photo’s Maria Degrève

Series of 8 black & white photographs

 28,5 cm width x 37 cm height

Performance (around, with, on, above, below) found objects of my father, after his death; a washing machine turbine, a saddle, a nightstand, wheels from a children's carriage, the steering wheel of a lawnmower, antique industrial steel wheels, which reminded me of a picture of Meret Oppenheim on a printing press wheel photographed by Man Ray. There were links/references to surrealism, and to The Feminatheek of Louis Paul Boon.


Screen, 2017-2021, installation, variable arrangements, lace-textile & aluminium

3 elements, 1m50 height x 4m50 long

Screens, the model is derived from the blinding screens that are used for accidents or emergencies to keep them out of the view of the passers-by

Orestes, locked in a chamber of blood

Screens that hide the violence from our eyes

However, they are transparent

We see the blood spatter of the worldly happening

Denial is no longer possible