Wals_07 ’Danse des cheveux’

Herzele (B)



Wals_07  Maria Degrève, Anno Dijkstra Els Nouwen,

Curator Evi Bert, Paul Lagring, Yves Vanpevenaege

The exhibition gathers a mishmash of elements about loss, falling, falling figures, falling angels, falling hair, failing, losing, loneliness.

‘Danse des cheveux’, are embroidery works with my own hair on delicate handkerchiefs of my family, made during our isolement in the covid-period.

‘Seven Sisters’ is partly built on an image of a silent movie about the Armenian genocide. We see women hanging on crosses. ‘Auction of Souls' or 'Ravished Armenia’ 1919 is based on the story/book and experience of the survivor Aurore Mardiganian.


It is accompanied by an audio ‘Sht’. Silence.



The falling performance (live), refers to Bas Jan Aders performance, Brueghel’s painting of Icarus, and Dirk Bouts’s painting ‘Falling Angels’.


 8, 13, 14, Lou Wijnhoven

15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, Stephan Peleman