Captured Phrases

Private Tag, Raversyde Ostend (B)

audio installation


Curator: Isabelle De Baets
Co-curators: Hendrik Tratsaert and Merel Vercoutere
Audio engineer: Johan Vandermaelen
Studio: Sonicville

For PRIVATE TAG she creates 10 autonomous audio performances that can be heard in various places in the tunnels and the soldiers' bedroom. As a basis she uses sentences, or remnants of them, which she picked up 30 years ago in New York City.

Fleeting fragmentary sentences she wrote down and kept.

Some are used to her directly, others excerpts from overheard conversations.

With these sentences she wants to surprise the passer-by in the tunnels. Regardless of the original context, she returns them to the passer-by. The tunnels reveal a certain unrest, excitement and seclusion.

Rather, the bedroom is a place filled with desire, absence and loneliness.