Venice performances

Venice (IT)


Venice Performance, 2019 during Biennale Venice in public and private spaces,

1. Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Venice

2. Scuola San Rocco, Venice

3. Scuola San Rocco, Venice

4. San Marco, Venice

Photos: Lieve D'hondt

In Maria Degrève’s performances, the experience of physicality and sexuality and the metamorphosis of the expressive body are central. Every new performance unfolds from the moment of its first inception in a series of improvised variations, in which she explores space, whether naked, clothed or covered.  Through an intense tactile experience and a strong sensory sensitivity, she seeks to discover the boundaries of the intimate body in both private and public space.

Isabelle De Baets ‘Merry Go Round', ccBruges, 2018